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Modernize the battle for Multi-Domain Operations

Keep warfighters on the leading edge of the battlespace with breakthrough technology solutions you need to maintain your competitive edge

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When every domain – air, land, sea, space, cyber – is contested

Viasat helps you navigate an increasingly complex environment

As militaries shift to large-scale combat against near-peer adversaries, it’s essential to have resilient operations that can work across platforms, environments, and Joint Forces. At the vanguard of the New Defense Industrial Base, Viasat is boldly deploying new and innovative business models that rapidly deliver ground-breaking operational capabilities for the multi-domain battle.

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Vertical integration to penetrate, dis-integrate, exploit, and re-compete

Connectivity that brings greater operational capabilities to the battlespace

Viasat’s integrated, end-to-end communications approach ranges across satellites, data links, backhaul, ground entry, network management, cybersecurity, cloud access, command and control (C2), and end-user terminals - to holistically deliver capabilities across the multi-domain battle that deliver operational advantages. 

  • Force multiplier advantage
  • More accurate, actionable intel
  • Better, faster decision making
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Integrated tactical networking for revolutionary performance advantages

Resilient networks and situational awareness to securely connect the warfighter

Viasat’s vertical integration means that we design every part of the system from the ground up, enabling agile design and rapid development and fielding. By using big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) technologies we provide a next-generation leap in capabilities for warfighters, including enabling technologies such as software-defined networking (SDN).

Breakthrough, end-to-end communication and cybersecurity solutions

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Viasat’s resilient network and mobile SATCOM systems connect those in the air, on land, and at sea with real-time information necessary for making critical, split-second decisions.

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Tactical Data Links/ Line-of-Sight

When seconds count, get immediate line-of-sight communications for mission success. Viasat delivers significantly enhanced situational awareness for warfighters in highly contested areas.

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Viasat’s 30 + years of cybersecurity and data protection solutions include Type 1 end-to-end encryption and managed services to help safeguard proprietary and classified information.

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