Team of six Viasat employees seated at desks with 2 large, stacked monitors working on cyber security operations

On the front lines of threat intelligence

As both a global internet service provider (ISP) and premier cybersecurity service provider in today’s ever-changing threat environment, the Viasat 网络安全行动中心 (CSOC) team vigilantly watches over the most advanced digital threat landscapes — analyzing and creating novel, actionable intelligence to protect a diverse set of networks.

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Using customized insights to overcome ever-evolving threats

Our ASTORS award-winning 360-degree security ecosystem includes a Network Operations Center (NOC), Security Operations Center (SOC), and Government Care Center (GCC). Our team delivers over 500 TB of metadata daily and uses big data analytics to process over 2.4 billion events daily across our networks.

Offering a holistic, integrated cybersecurity approach

我们结合了大数据分析, 先进的机器学习, 小说威胁情报, and accelerated detection times to scale and respond to emerging threats as quickly as they evolve. Through our recent acquisition of RigNet, our cyber capabilities have expanded, increasing our global impact and portfolio. 我们的重点领域包括:

  • 检测和响应
  • 威胁情报
  • 基础设施工程
  • 分析
  • 取证
  • 发展
网络安全 operations center employee looking intently at two large, stacked monitors on his desk
Man looking at a string of code on a computer screen

Expand your visibility with security assessment services

网络安全 threats are compromising critical data and systems with increasing sophistication and frequency. 知道如何快速识别, 减轻, and even prevent these attacks has become essential to keeping networks operational and ensuring data integrity and security. Our history paired with expert analysis of data across our network gives us a diverse view of the global cyber threat landscape, allowing us to deliver expert-level security solutions. Our holistic approach to security will provide a customized and comprehensive vulnerability assessments and penetration testing with measurable results.


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The detection and response team must constantly defend and hunt across all internal systems and network entry points to prevent compromise. Suspicious behavior will initiate our incident response process to gather and analyze evidence, 确定影响, 确定根本原因, and provide remediation instructions.

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Advanced situational awareness and a deep understanding of emerging threats is crucial to staying ahead of adversaries. The cyber threat intelligence (CTI) team provides actionable, relevant intelligence that comprehends, 综合, and prioritizes current vulnerabilities and critical systems to reduce risk.

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Cyber infrastructure engineering

An optimized and secure network is the foundation that provides the structure and support for advancements made in the CSOC. Our cyber infrastructure network engineers configure and maintain the security appliances and policies. 

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On the front lines of technological innovation and ingenuity, the SOC uses automation to capture and accelerate human intelligence to create correlative machine-aided detection capabilities fueled by unstructured data warehousing. This customized toolset accelerates operational velocity, accuracy, and efficiency.

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To keep up with the ever-changing threat environment, our cyber analytics team focuses on using data to proactively filter and identify notable events. This behavioral analysis enables the CSOC to improve response time, 确定行动的方向, and spend more time on high severity investigations.

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During critical investigations when deeper analysis is required, a cyber forensic investigation is conducted. This investigation includes a deep-dive analysis of system artifacts in order to identify compromise, 根本原因, 和影响. This investigation also generates threat intelligence and provides remediation recommendations.

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